We are Kinsculpt

A Motley Group of Artists, Makers, and Enthusiasts Located in Bend, Oregon, USA

Our Story

Our group formed in the middle of a very challenging year with one goal in mind: to create something big and beautiful to lift the spirits and inspire the minds of all who come upon it. This vision has manifested itself as Fleur de LUX – a large, interactive, robo-botanical kinetic sculpture that borrows its design from nature, but invokes something fantastical! Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of hardship, we want this piece to evoke new life.

With Your Help, We are Making Our Community a Better Place

It started out with just a few folks at the local maker space and a really vague idea, and we just started brainstorming, and with each new idea, someone in the group would know a guy that was great at that thing, and it grew organically from there.

Fleur de Lux

Fleur de LUX invokes the form of a flower, with large steel “petals” that open up to reveal a central “pistil” containing a dazzling embedded LED display, and brilliant “stamen” formed from handmade neon tubing.

Why a flower?

The flower is symbolic of the process which brought this idea to life. A group of people coming together and cross-pollinating their ideas with one another, and those ideas blossoming into a concept and form. The flower is also symbolic of rebirth, regeneration, and connection, which are things that people are craving after this past year. Fleur de LUX draws the community together by encouraging viewer interaction to control its shape, color and sound.


The blooming of the petals and the activity of the lights will be controlled by contactless audience interaction with the piece, allowing creativity and experimentation on the part of the viewer. Our vision is for the viewer to interact with Fleur de LUX to control the light show, the sound, and the motion of the sculpture with the wave of an arm, a swipe of a finger, a click on their phone, or through their voice.

You help make the Vision

As we continue to develop our prototype and work on the programming and coding aspects of the project we are also doing the very necessary work of funding. This is becoming more important by the day, and as we move forward we would like to offer incentives to our patrons. As a developing project, we need your support and for that support, we would love to give you, our sponsors, something in return. In appreciation, we would like to offer a founder’s memento to those who contribute during the first phase of fundraising.

Our target date for completion is November, 2021, to be ready for exhibition at the Central Oregon Maker Festival. In order to do that we are directing funds toward the parts of the project that need to be completed first. You, as a sponsor, have the power to help us by choosing the area that inspires you the most to support. What that looks like: You may choose neon, mechanics, steel, education & outreach or other areas to contribute to. We will post weekly updates as each part is funded and built. As a founding sponsor you will be part of the team that helps create a one-of-a-kind art piece that will inspire imaginations everywhere. Follow our progress as we post pictures and updates; you will quite literally be able to witness this flower bloom.

Founding Sponsors

As a thank-you gesture from our team to those of you who have followed our vision from the beginning, all founding sponsors, those that contribute by August 31, 2021, will be invited to have their names inscribed on the Fleur de Lux piece. Sponsor’s names will be artistically engraved on the piece to further emphasize how this piece represents the community coming together. With your support we can flourish. We truly appreciate each and every person who has helped us make this dream tangible.


Our Budget ~ $

Our goal: $38,572. Any amount you are comfortable with will help bring Fleur De LUX to life. Your contribution allows us to purchase steel, LED lighting arrays, interactive electronics, and more. Your donation is critical to making this vision a reality.



Sculpture support structure, transportation structure,stainless steel for petals.


Bearings, actuators, mounting hardware, center bearing & drive, propane system.


Addressable LED arrays, control and power supply, interactive controls, audio system, wire & connectors.


RF transmitters,power supply,tubing & gas.


Software Development, Cloud Computing space (1 year).


Welding wire, grinders, adhesives, etc.


Fund for any future repairs to mechanical or electronic components.

Education & Outreach

Outreach to school and community organizations to educate and build interest in the arts.


Equipment build to transport Fleur de LUX to various venues and exhibitions.


12% Contingency for unexpected price increases in materials.

Your Donations Make an Impact

A Letter from the Board

Any amount you are comfortable with will help bring Fleur De LUX to life. The overall need is approximately $38,572. This purchases steel, LED lighting arrays, and interactive electronics. Your donation is critical to making this vision a reality.
Share this page and spread the word! Be a good little flower and pollinate this idea across all your social platforms, at dinner tables, in casual conversations and the like.

In-kind donations
On our website we have listed in our budget section all the materials we think we will need. If you or someone you know has access to these materials and are willing to donate, we’d love to talk!
Ideas and expertise. Digital creatives are encouraged to contact us if you’re interested in creating animation code for NeoPixel arrays.

Most importantly, we need funding and for you to share the vision.

Our partnership with High Desert Makers and the DIYCave
KinSculpt is operating under the 501c3 umbrella of the High Desert Makers, a organization dedicated to supporting artists and makers in Central Oregon. We also receive support in the form of shop access and general expertise from the DIYCave in Bend, OR.

Funds raised over our goal will be used to introduce Art and the Maker culture to at-risk-youth through the November Maker exhibition and other venues.

Be part of the Fleur De LUX community and donate today. Thank you for supporting the arts.


Kevin Brady

Kevin Brady

Our Partners & Sponsors

Your donation goes directly to programs you support and is tax deductible

The High Desert Makers and Kinsculpt are a registered non-profit [501(c)(3); EIN 46-3604239] run by a volunteer board. That means all of your donations go to the programs and services you want them to! This also means that your donation is 100% tax deductible. Just let us know if you would like a receipt with your donation for your records.
In the event that the Fleur de Lux project does not meet the minimum funding requirement in time to progress with Fleur de Lux for the Maker Faire in November, be assured that all funds collected will go towards supporting the arts, either through the postponed Fleur de Lux project, or projects chosen by the Kinsculpt committee of High Desert Makers. Rest assured your contributions will be supporting the arts of Central Oregon.

Our Team

Tim Willis

Tim was raised fixing stuff. His dad was a high school industrial arts teacher who was always repairing and rebuilding everything and his mom taught him arts and crafts by never throwing out anything useful and making the things she wanted instead of buying. With an awesome set of tools (his dad’s), repairs and modifications were a natural progression. After a couple years of college studying business, new opportunities took him to Alaska and have led to a 30 plus year career in the fishing industry as a captain and engineer. Tim and his wife Annie have been raising three children and remodeling homes together for the past 28 years . Five years ago he started DIYcave, and has been inspirational in helping people create their visions ever since.

Damien Teitelbaum

Damien Teitelbaum is a custom metal artist and freelance welder living in beautiful Bend, Oregon.
Welding and metal work has always stood out as being a favorite art medium for Teitelbaum. Intrigued with custom design and rewarded with the fulfillment of fabrication, Damien’s love for functional art grew over time (and practice). His drive and desire to travel has taken him on many adventures around the world. Damien has explored Central and South America, South East Asia, Europe, Canada, Alaska, and of course, all over the lower 48. Being exposed to these very different places around our globe has had a dramatic effect in his visions of functional art and custom fabrication. Culture, lifestyle, architecture, religion, food, music, and the people he has met, are all sources of inspiration and this translates in his metal work in many ways. The strong art presence in Bend, Oregon has been a catalyst for his ambition to create beautiful and functional works that can be used and enjoyed. Teitelbaum is proud to become part of this vibrant, healthy, and every growing art scene in our Pacific Northwest.

Becca Loo

Becca Loo has been an avid adventurer for most of her life. From being an active participant of Burning Man to hiking the Appalachian trail in 2015, she has learned and experienced a variety of art and art projects. The Fleur de LUX project has drawn on her years of professional project managing and her leisurely love of nature.

Kevin Brady

A passionate maker and DIY’r, Kevin is a PMI certified Project Manager (retired) with 20 years experience with IBM and American Express driving global projects. He has a diverse background in business management, scenic production, stage rigging, and computer technology.

Dan Hedges

A geospatial engineer, educator, and maker, Dan enjoys approaching problems from different perspectives, scales, and directions. Dan is the product of an artist mother and engineer father, raised in a home where fun-looking junk was thrown into the “creativity bin” to be repurposed into whatever captured his imagination at the time. This mindset persisted and found an outlet in his stewardship at the DIY Cave in Bend, where he would meet the group of folks that became the KinSculpt team.

Michael Edwards

An immigrant from South Africa, Michael moved to Bend in 2019 and is a Live Event Video Engineer turned Cabinet Maker due to the pandemic. Michael has always been interested in all things electronic and mechanical, he brings a wide range of skills to the team, the main focus being the control side of the sculpture.

Miguel Edwards

As a sculptor, photographer and installation artist, I am constantly investigating new ways to explore beauty, and locate hidden common denominators in the world we perceive. Underlying forms and concepts intrinsic in the dynamic between our sleeping and waking lives, as well as the visual logic of human perception are explored through my three dimensional and film-based works. Time, chaos and intuition are the co-conspirators in my creative process. Whether my medium is steel, glass, or film, it is the act of creation that defines my work, as much as it is the finished piece.

I try to create artworks that invite everyone to re-discover the curiosity we all had as children: to encourage us to see life as full of possibilities and to value our experience in the present.

Jesse Pemberton

Jesse Pemberton primarily works in metal sculpture derived from his multi-media art background and architecture.
His perspective drawings follow traditional methods by using graphite on paper lending experience to his more complex drafting of 2D/3D technical CAD models.
Pemberton’s influences range from the classical masters to contemporary artists, music, film and astrophysics as he inserts these elements as subtle facets within his works. Jesse has led and collaborated with other artists, designers and architects.

Carlos A Perez

Carlos is an awarded creative with focus on brand strategy and design with 25+ years of experience developing new and existing product initiatives through engaging cross-media campaigns. With the allure of mountains, rivers, and coastal access of the PNW, Carlos moved to Bend in 2001 and has continued both his personal and creative growth with a family of four + two Basset Hounds. Most recently Carlos has demonstrated success in leading the creative development of various craft cannabis brands. Carlos cultivates strong goal-oriented cultures by building relationships and establishing key brand partnerships. With both hands-on creative skills and analytical capabilities, Carlos keeps an eye on both product aesthetics and key sales metrics and is able to combine various passions providing many successful ventures.

James Myers

James Myers is the artist with that tech brain that every team needs. He is a natural electrical and audio engineer. His technical prowess has been sought after by Facebook, and startups alike. Today, he works for a live virtual event startup, integrating his passion for human interaction and media creation. James now brings his experience with sound and electronics to pursue creating art installations combining different technologies. James built the brains and interactive elements on the 2019 Relativity Clock with Jesse Pemberton, Miguel Edwards and Rick Zar.

Heather Weiermann

A creative problem solver by nature, Heather has always been drawn to anything DIY. In 2001 she and her husband bought their first foreclosed “fixer-upper” and like many, used the property as an experimental canvas for learning. Her 20+ year career in the Short Term Rental Industry has earned her experience in Business Operations, Management, Sales and Marketing. She uses these skills to help the Kinsculpt team with marketing and event coordination.

Matt Taschner

Matt is an electrical engineer with a strong background in robotics, automation, hardware, firmware, software, and PCB design. Having worked in the vapor industry for 7 years, has a good understanding of aerosol and fluid dynamics. Hobbies: horticulture, climbing, snowboarding, taking things apart and putting them back together.

Rochelle Rose-Schueler

Rochelle specializes in contemporary mosaic murals and architectural, functional, and sculptural mosaics using stone, glass, ceramic tile, metal, concrete, and recycled materials. She has fabricated award winning public art projects, been a finalist in a national digital mosaic design competition, and her architectural work has been juried into international mosaic exhibitions. Her private commissions and collaborations can be found in homes in the western United States and Mexico. She is the owner of Wild Rose Artworks .

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